Why HF Radio is a Critical Asset

High Frequency (HF) radio should be a top communications priority among Armed Americans. While line of sight (LOS), tactical-level communications usually get most of the focus from those starting out in commo, HF really begins to shine when the need for extended local, regional and even global communications becomes a mission requirement for coordinating the…Why…

Brent0331: My LBE

I’ve been running a battle belt with an H harness setup for years as my patrolling rig. Its basically a modern Alice belt setup.

Covert HF Setup In Hotel

I posted this video on Instagram while I was teaching a private class in Kansas. I was just having fun trying something new. I actually made a direct contact with another IG station in KY. It worked!! The crazy thing is this ridiculous video gained me 4k followers since I posted it. I guess people…


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