Class Schedule

2023 Schedule

May 6 Patrolling 101 $150 13:00-21:00

May 20-21 Guerrilla Comms

June 24-25 Guerrilla Comms

July 15-16 Guerrilla Comms

August 26-27 Guerrilla Comms

September 9-10 Guerrilla Comms

Guerrilla Comms Class

What do you get when you combine TacComms class with HF Operations?

You get the Guerrilla Comms class. This is a two day tactical comms class covering HF/VHF/UHF operations. This is a hands-on class that will have alot of field exercises. You will learn to use OTS equipment for SIGINT and get experience as a SIGINT team. You will also get to go against the SIGINT team using your equipment and the techniques taught in class.

The HF day you will learn HF theory, build an NVIS antenna and deploy to the field for the final exercise.

Class is $400 for the two days or $225 for single day.

All my classes are held in the Rock Springs area. classes in Crowheart Wy:

Scout Course: 10-12 JUN / $500 / Wyoming

RTO / ADV RTO / SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE: 13-18 JUN / $1000 / Wyoming

2022 Schedule

January 15th & 16th Winter Survival Eastern Utah

April 23rd Pistol 101

May 14th Carbine 101

May 28th TacComms

May 29th HF Operations

Hosting Stuck Pig Medical PLC: June 17,18, & 19/WY $600

June Hosting Brushbeater: RTO / ADV RTO /Signals Intelligence: 21-26 JUN / $300 per two day class or $800 for all Three 

August 13 through the 20th. Patriot Guerilla. This is the full Patriot Guerrilla class. CLASS CANCELED

Patrolling 101 October 22nd 12:00 to 21:00

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