Everyone has heard the saying “Fool me once shame one you. Fool me twice shame on me!” Well I figured I would be shamed twice with this purchase of PSA PA10. I had bought a 18″ AR15 upper in 223 from PSA that would NOT shoot a group smaller than 6″ @ 100 yards using Hornady Black ammo on a backpack, tripod and Lead Sled. Thats pretty bad! I thought it was me at first until I took my Ruger American Predator in 6.5 creedmoor out and shot a 3/4 inch group at 100 yards using just a bipod and sand bag.

I’ve been wanting an AR10 for a while so I decided to pull the trigger on PSA PA10 In 308. Being here in SW Wyoming there is ALOT of open space and could easily need to take 1000 yd shot all day long.

What made me go with the 308 over 6.5 Creedmoor was the fact 6.5 is still pretty hard to find. I was able to buy 308 local no problem.

I put a Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4×16 scope on this rifle. It has the MRAD reticle.

As for the scope mount I used American Defense Manufacturing AD-RECON Scope Mount. It is a QD mount.

I also added a cheap muzzle brake off Ebay.

I pulled a sling off one of my other rifles and threw on this for today.

Also I have a cheap MLOK bipod mounted on the front.

This is not going to be a review considering this is just my first time shooting this rifle. This will be my initial thoughts on how it functions so far.

I started using the Lead Sled. For some reason using the Lead Sled I was all over the place. If you look at the bottom picture at the top target you will see shots all over. I’m not real sure what that’s about. After I seen l was not shooting a good group I went to shooting off the bipod. After I did that my groups finally tightened up. They still weren’t great but they were better than on the Lead Sled. So I walked back to the target stand and put another fresh target up. The next 3 round group is the second picture down. I was using Winchester M80 7.62X51 ammunition. I was quite pleased with the finally group. After that last 3 round group I called it a day. I figured end on a high note.

So I now know it is fairly accurate. As for functioning I has some problems. In the 30 rounds I shot I had four failure to fire. Thats a pretty bad percentage. I’m hoping its just new gun problems and after breaking in it stops. As of now thats the only problems I have had with it.

The comp worked great and cut the recoil down alot.

So thats the report from today’s shooting session. Next up I will dope it out to at least 600 yards. I’m going to use this for hunting deer and elk this year. I enjoy getting to put my battle rifles to use in the real world. I get to see how it does against live creatures and how I handle it in a slight adrenaline rush scenario. I feel that gives alot better feedback over shooting steel and paper.

And yes I will be painting this rifle.


    1. I have the Diamondback Tactical 6×24 on my Ruger American Predator 6.5. I really like it thats why I went with the less magnified version with this rifle.
      Thanks! I probably couldn’t shoot that again 😅


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