4 thoughts on “ONE TIME PAD VIDEOS

  1. When creating a one time pad, please don’t rely on any website or computer that purports to generate random numbers. The algorithms that spit out the numbers aren’t truly random, which means your comms can be much more easily compromised.

    A one time pad must be truly random to be secure. You have to generate the digits by rolling ten sided dice, or by converting interstellar static into digits, or some such process.

    It’s a pain in the ass to achieve that, it’s a pain in the ass to distribute the pads securely and keep them secure, and it’s a pain in the ass to never reuse a pad. If you’re going to rely on OTP comms, you have to become anal retentive about it.

    It’s no coincidence that OTP use isn’t widespread.

    If you want a truly random, reasonably fast OTP generator, look up Partisan Labs online. They have a field portable device that’s expensive but good.


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