PSA GEN3 PA10 18″ MID-LENGTH .308 WIN Part 2

Today I was able to get out and run the PSA Gen 3 18″ 308 out to 500 yards. I was using 147 Grain FMJ PMC Bronze Ammo. Obviously not what I zeroed it with. I also had some new SR25 Hexmag magazines. I was working on my drops out to 500 yards. At 500 yards the mirage was so bad I had a hard time seeing the steel.

There is not really much to report from today’s shooting. I had ZERO malfunctions, I had ZERO failure to fire, and I hit steel from 200 yds out to 500 yds on the first 2 shots each time. I am really liking this rifle.

Once it cools down outside a bit I am going to run it out to 1000 yds.

I also got to work with one part of my tribe today. We were both running PSA 308 but his was a gen 2. We will both be hunting with these rifles. We will be building our tribe stronger buy hunting together, by helping each other, by holding each other accountable for missed shots… lol

Tribe is the most important, everything else is secondary.

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