Living What I Preach

Unlike alot of people who pretend to be a prepper/survivalist online I actually live the lifestyle I encourage.

I live an offgrid life.

I only have solar and wind to give me the electricity I need.

I have a well for water.

For heat in the winter I use a wood stove with propane heat for backup.

I garden here on the homestead using the solar power to pump the water from the well to water my garden.

I can the food I get from the garden.

I save the seeds from the food I’ve grown in the garden.

I share the food with family and neighbors I get from the garden.

I hunt in the fall to help put meat ìn the freezer.

I can the wild game meat I have harvested.

If I don’t kill something hunting I buy meat from a local or family member.

I believe in a food storage program

I make my own hard apple cider.

I cut the firewood for the stove to keep me warm throughout the winter.

I actually cook dinner on the wood burning stove I use to heat the house.

I raise ducks for eggs.

I take a shit ton of training classes!

I teach a few training classes.

I work out 3 to 5 times a week.

I’ve lost 17 lbs since May by my own doing.

I’ve built my tribe.

I’ve trained my tribe.

I’ve trained with my tribe.

I regularly test my equipment.

When I tell you something did or didn’t work for me you can damn well bet I’m telling you the truth.

I’m not that great at writing as most of anyone who is reading my blog already knows…


I will NEVER sell my preps to go traveling Europe…. you know who you are!

I don’t make up shit about my background to make people like me or want to train with me.

I WASN’T in the military or a LEO

I started my tactical training lifestyle in 2006 and started teaching firearms and survival skills in 2010 for my now defunct company Wyoming Survival and Tactics. We did that for 10 years until my partner wanted to stop teaching. So I revamped and here I am now.

Living what you preach is important. Otherwise you’re just running your mouth.

My training history:

Scout Course – Brushbeater, RTO, Advanced RTO, Signal Intelligence – Brushbeater 

Craig Douglas – ECQC

Costa Ludus(Vehicle Elements Theory)

Suarez International(AK Gunfighting, Advanced AK Gunfighting, Team Tactics, Trauma Care for CCW, AK Armors)

Tactical Response(Fighting Pistol, Fighting Rifle)

Trident Concepts(Combative Carbine)


Onpoint Tactical(Basic Scout)

Fortress: Personal Defense Solutions( Hand to Hand, Spontaneous knife fighting, K2 Combat Method)

Boulder Outdoor Survival School( 7 Day Primitive Living Skills)

Kembativz(Sudden Violence Class)

Urban Combatives seminar

Libre Fighting seminar

Pat MacNamera(TAPS)

Tactical Training International(RECONDO Phase 1, RECONDO Phase 2, RECONDO Phase 3, Winter Recondo, Fighting from Vehicles, Rappel Master)

Core-Vision Training(Structure Assessment)

Colorado Mountain Man Survival( 5 day Outdoor Survival)

TYR Group(Small Unit Tactics)

I am a Certified NRA Pistol, NRA Rifle, and NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home instructor

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