Building a Cheap DF Loop Antenna

I was searching for Direction Finding loop antennas for my EComms class I’m teaching next month and was not happy about the prices of these antennas. So then I did the next best thing and started searching for plans for building the DF antenna. I found 1 video on making one using coax cable but I don’t have the tools to put coax connectors onto the cable so that plan went out the window.

I went to Arrow antenna website looking at their DF loop antenna to see if I could gather any info I could use to make my own. On their site they say the circumference of their VHF antenna is 18 inches. It looks like there is a simple connector that connects it to the radio and insulator on top of the antenna. After looking it over I figured I could make that easy.

I started off with two 9 inch pieces of solid 12 Guage copper wire. I mounted 2 wire connectors on the stripped end of each one. I then took the unstripped end of each and stuck them in shrink tube. I then heated the shrink tube to shrink it down where it held the two pieces together. Now all what was left to do was connect it to the BNC Plug to Dual Banana Jack.

As you can see in the video below it works and it didn’t cost me $70. Happy building!


5 thoughts on “Building a Cheap DF Loop Antenna

  1. so the red and green wire and not connected. Just using the shrink wrap as a way to hold the shape of the loop? is that right?


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