Building You Own Training Infrastructure

Sometimes we just have to build our own. I’ve wanted a place to practice CQB for years. I finally decided to build my own since I have enough land to do it on. This is a pretty simple build. I am using 7ft long Tposts and pallets. I drive 2 Tposts into the ground and slide the pallets over the top of them. I then take any scrap pallet wood and nail the next section of pallet to the previous pallet wall. Once I have the walls the way I want them I use cardboard or as in the bottom picture plastic target backing to cover the walls to above eye level.

This is ONLY for airsoft or simunitions.

This is just the beginning of this structure. It will eventually be as long as the cargo container its built next to. Right now it is usable with a center fed door and 2 corner fed doors.

Once I get it finished I will be offering home defense/CQB classes out here.

The very last picture is my airsoft rifle with a airsoft PEQ15 with an IR laser on it. Also in that same picture is my white phosphorus PVS14. Combine these with the shoot house and I can do even more advanced training and practice. Not a bad combination and I’m not burning through my expensive ammunition.

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