Free Maps

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

I know I do. So how about free maps. I have two different places you can get free maps. All you have to do is print them out or have them printed out at Staples or some other printing service. The first place I have it Caltopo. This site you can print your own maps put on a standard sheet of paper. You can choose multiple scales, you can put UTM lines on your map, and they have multiple different kind of maps to choose from. It is my goto map source. The picture above is a map from Caltopo and I have to downloads below of maps from there as well so you can view them yourself.

Next is the USGS site. You find the 1:24,000 scale map you want and then view the PDF. That will download the map to your device. If you have a large enough printer to print it to scale you could do that at home. Otherwise you can put it on an SD card and take it to an office supply store that can print it for you. Make sure you bring you 1:24,000 UTM tool in with you so you can make sure its printed to scale before you pay for it. Below is a picture of what it looks like to download the map and an actual map from the USGS site that you can download and examine yourself.

You need maps of your AO printed out and on hand now! I gave you the tools to accomplish that now its all up to you.

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