Class Schedule

Here is my most up to date class schedule. If you are interested in private classes for you or your group I do them as well.

2021 Schedule

October 23rd Patrolling 101

November 6th Blacksmithing Basics

2022 Schedule

January 15th & 16th Winter Survival NE Utah

March 26th Patrolling 101

April 23rd Pistol 101

May 14th Carbine 101

May 28th HF Operations

June 4th Immediate Action

June Hosting Brushbeater: RTO / ADV RTO /Signals Intelligence: 20-26 JUN / $300 per two day class or $800 for all Three 

July 16th ECOMMS

August 12, 13, & 14th Patriot Guerilla 1

Email me at to sign up.

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