Watching Your Radio Frequency From Above

NC SCOUT posted the video in the link below on AP tonight.

After watching the video I needed more information. I went to their website to see what information I could get.

Let me just say this puts a slight kink in most people’s comms plan. Almost EVERYONE I know runs a VHF/UHF radio.

From their website: “Hawkeye 360 operates a first of its kind commercial satellite constellation. The constellation is comprised of a cluster of three satellites that fly in formation using a specially designed propulsion system. The low earth orbit and wide field of view of the satellites supports frequent revisits anywhere each day. The company can program the onboard Software Defined Radios (SDR) to tune across most of the frequency range from 144 MHz to 15 GHz (approximately VHF to Ku-Band). HawkEye 360 is rapidly expanding the constellation to improve revisit rates and grow capacity, starting with the highly advanced Cluster 2 satellites”

Let’s look some other stuff off their website

Hmmmmm so we can fly the satellites daily over an area to form a baseline(or look for a group) up to a year if need be, then when some strange signal shows itself we can analyze it, share it with ground forces and eliminate it…..

FIND, FIX, and FINISH as one of my instructor/friend likes to teach.

This is fairly concerning technology if you ask me. What I find interesting is that HF isn’t included in the list of frequencies. So from 144MHZ down this system won’t pick up? This it might make a group rethink their comms plan.

We now know the technology is up there circling us daily. They are looking for signals. It our job to learn how to defeat it.

I am teaching multiple comms class in 2022. All of them involve the tactical use of comms against ground forces and now will be diving into defeating satellite monitoring. You need training for whats coming.

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