Making Erbswurst

In my last post Guerrilla Rations I shared a video and recipe to make Erbswurst. Since I do most everything I encourage people to do I made some Erbswurst last Saturday.

I started with 1lb of split peas, 1lb of bacon, 1 onion, some lard for extra fat, and spices. I had ground the peas in my wheat grinder twice so make sure I had a good flour. I cooked the bacon(cut into small bits) and onions till they were done. I added my spices to the pea flour. Then I started adding the flour to the bacon onion mix. Once I seen I wasn’t going to have enough oil I kept adding lard to the hot pan until the whole mixture was wet. I then used freezer paper to wrap the rolls up in and tied them off with string. Once I was finished I put them in the refrigerator to harden up. They are now solid rolls. I haven’t tried any yet but might eat some this weekend.

Winter time is a great time to try new projects like this.

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