Patriot Guerrilla Class August 13-20 2022

Patriot Guerrilla

The PG class is a mix of all the training needed to train a group of American loving patriots to defend this great country. This class starts at the bottom level and within 7 days will have the group trained into a highly skilled fighting group. At the end of this class the students should be able to go home and teach these skills to their own group of friends and family. The class will involve patrolling, land navigation, shooting, stalking, camouflage and concealment, IAD, team coms, and more!!

You will be spending 6 nights living out of a base camp and running operations from there. Preparing accordingly.

Gear needed for PG:

500 rounds of ammunition
Rifle with sling
Eye protection
Ear protection
Chest rig, plate carrier or whatever you use as your battle setup
Magazines to go in your setup
Camouflage or earth toned color clothing
Face paint
Wet weather and cold weather gear
Backpack to carry water, snacks, and lunch
Comfortable shoes to be hiking in
Notepad and pen
Map tools grid locator 1:24,000 scale
GPS if you have one
Pace beads
Camping gear for the whole time in the field
Food and water for the whole time
Radio gear if you have it
Small lock pick set
Flashlight with red lens
Night Vision or thermal is optional but not required
$700 for the 7 day course.

SW Wyoming area

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