Are you prepared to spend an unexpected night during the winter in the Rockies?

This class will get you ready to deal with the mountains during the winter time.

This class will be a two day class. We will start at our jump off point at 10 AM and patrol out to our camp location. From there you will be taught how to build a shelter, build a fire, procuring water, setup trap, forage for local food, and more.

Gear list:


Cold weather sleeping bag

Ground pad

Small tarp. 6×8 or something close

Cold weather clothing. No cotton. Snow boots, wool socks, wool or synthetic long underwear, leather gloves, winter gloves, mittens with liners, beanie, hoodie, wind proof outer layer.


Water filter or purification

Metal container. Canteen cup, mess kit, metal water bottle, ect

200 ft of paracord or tarred bankline

Food and drink mixes(for hot drinks) for the weekend


Head lamp with fresh batteries

Fixed blade knife

Folding saw


Your survival kit if you have one.

Snow shovel

16 to 20 guage galvanized steel wire. 20 ft

Snow shoes reccomended but not required

Price $300

Contact me at if interested

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