Guerrilla Comms Weekend

I will be teaching both TacComms and HF Operations May 28th and 29th in Rock Springs Wy.

TacComms will be on the 28th

HF Operations will be on the 29th

HF Operations

This one day class will strictly focus on HF radio operations. To get the most of this class it is reccomended that you hold a ham radio General license and have a portable HF setup or at least vehicle portable HF setup but you don’t need one. We will go over setup, powering the station for offgrid use, antenna theory, building different antennas, testing these antennas, digital modes with the HF radio, NVIS, and a final exercise to put everything learned into practice.

HF Operations Class 9am to 5pm $150


It will be a class based on tactical use of VHF/UHF squad comms. This class will teach you to lower your radio signature. You will be building multiple antennas. You will be learning and using a one time pad. You will be put up against a SIGINT team in the field that is hunting you while you are out in the field trying to communicate with your other team.

If you and your team have their own equipment it is encouraged to bring it out to test it out.

I will provide the gear otherwise.

TACCOMMS Class 9am to 5pm $150

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