Baofengs In War

I have been following the Ukrainian/Russian War for a bit but not on MSM. I’ve been following it on multiple groups on Telegram. Most a very much Pro Russian but the Western propaganda is just too much so I chose to view it from the other side knowing alot of it is also propaganda.

What I have mainly been looking for is if Russian was using their electronic warfare tools and what comms were being used during this conflict.

So far I haven’t seen much EW.

The more surprising thing I have seen is the use of Baofeng radios!

It not just the Russians using the Baofeng either. Ukrainians are also using them as seen in the picture below.


I have a few take aways from this. First off the Baofeng is being used in a REAL war. The Baofeng haters now need to keep their mouth shut. Yes there are better options but obviously they are working for these guys.

Next take away is reverse compatibility! In my post What is the Best Radio?? I discussed having a radio that has reverse compatibility with lesser more common radios like FRS/GMRS and……. Baofengs. When things kick off here you will want to be able to communicate with others that may only have Baofengs thats why reverse compatibility is so important. Otherwise you are stuck wearing 2 radios as in the picture below.


And finally put your radio in a pouch!! It protects the radio and give you a bit of security since it’s harder to know if you are running a digital or analog radio when its unseen. At least make the opposition work for it!

The Baofeng is never going away and they looks to be on the battle field. Plan for that in your comms plan.

If you and your team use Baofeng learn how to minimize your signature.

May 28th is my TacComms class where I will be discussing these techniques and more. If you are interested in this class email me at and as in all my classes Baofengs are welcome!

Explains why we are seeing so many Baofengs

Some good info on the war but from the Russian perspective

2 thoughts on “Baofengs In War

  1. Good work buddy, it’s surprising how many of them are just hanging their radios off their gear. Although terrible OPSEC, it kind of speaks to their durability. It looks like the Russian Bubba with the two radios has a channelized digital as well. I think that’s another take away, be able to do both, even if you’re fully set up for digital you should be able to communicate with analog as well.

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