Drones For The Guerrilla

U.S. Military Black Hornet Drone

First off I am NO drone expert so take this post with a grain of salt.

I have been somewhat following the war in the Ukraine over Telegram. I have seen hundreds of drone videos on there from both sides. Alot of drones are dropping munitions on the other side. Not sure how they are aiming them when they drop them but they seem to be doing a pretty good job.

I’m not promoting putting explosives on a drone. I am pushing the idea of using the drone as a recon device for a team, a base of operations, or homestead

Micro Drone

I know drones are loud and can be spotted fairly easy but still the advantage of being able to send one straight up 500ft from your location, do a 360 degree visual scan, and then possibly spot enemy activities is a huge force multiplier. I think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to drone. I really like the idea of having a micro drone in my patrolling pack. You would only need 1 per team so everyone could pitch in on it. While out on patrol if you find a spot you want to recon but don’t want to send two men out to do it just pull the drone out and send it that way. Do a quick recon of the spot you wanted to check out and then bring it back. Then decide what action the team should take.

Micro Drone

There many more uses for a drone. Im just giving one example.

You also need to know some ways to defeat drones. In the article Against The Drone they discuss some options

You can purchase drone jammers here.

The video below is just what I collected off Telegram today in about 10 minutes of looking. These were four different videos. In this video you will see a drone with thermal capabilities. You can see the advantage of having a drone with thermal. If you have the money I would recommend getting one with thermal but if not just getting one with a HD camera will still put you ahead of the game.

Information gathering is key to being successful. It doesn’t matter if its using a radio or drone you need to be able to collect information. You need to have an idea of what’s going on all around you. A drone and digital scanner will fill that need.

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