Building A Drone SOP

First off I’m not a drone expert. This is my first drone.

Second I’m making this shit up as I go. If you have a good quadcopter operating procedure in the tactical realm please send it too me because I can’t find one…

And finally the readers of this blog have taught me ALOT! So don’t think I’m not listening to you guys. You guys and gals are great!! No them/they here…

So building an SOP for drone use.

Let’s use some tactics that we already have for radio use and patrolling.

1. The Drone team needs to be 200 yds+ from the main team before deploying

2. Use the fastest speed possible to get to the target and get away from the target.

3. Do not do direct line from your location to the target location.

4. Never use the same path out that you used in. Never take the same path twice.

5. Try to stay as high as possible to avoid detection.

6. Once the team deployed the drone they need to move to new location for the return movement.

7. You MUST keep your drone within line of sight or you will lose connection and lose control of your drone.

8. If possible have at minimum 2 terrain features between you and your target.

9. Loiter as little as possible

10. Finally if you can send a drone out that doesn’t have GPS all the better.

In the first video I lost WiFi signal from .3 miles away and obviously lost control of the drone.

In both videos I did a direct line to the spot needing observed. It was after filming these videos I realized the errors of my ways.

The second video I didn’t let the drone drop beyond line of sight and kept full control of it and brought it back home.

The picture above shows a simulation recon mission. In green where the main team is, in blue is the drone team is, the red lines is where the drone traveled, and the red circle is the drones recon target.

And finally we have to know what we are up against. One of the readers sent the video below. The video shows at least one technology that is tracking drones AND their operators.

These are just some things I came up with yesterday. I’m sure there is much more. If anyone has some suggestions in the realm of tactical drone usage I would like to hear them.

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One thought on “Building A Drone SOP

  1. Yeah, I have to get up and running here.
    The Syrian & Kraine-Landia crap has Enlightened me to say the least.
    I have been watching alot of Kraine drone vids from both sides.

    I get it , NOW.

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