Building A Steam Engine For Survival

It seems like everyday we are seeing the cracks in the system. The Empire is definitely declining and the fall I do believe will be hard. Fuel is super expensive and getting worse. There is a possibility of diesel shortages on the East coast. Honestly its starting to look like an EVERYTHING shortage.

I live off grid. I use solar, wind, and a diesel generator for my power. I will be honest wind power sucks. I get 99% of my power from solar. I was trying to come up with a backup to my backup system. My friend who is dabbling in a small solar system mentioned we should be using steam motor for this stuff. He especially could do that considering he lives where is plenty of trees and plenty of water.

This is a project I’m going to start. I’m going to attempt to use a 2 stroke motor, a DC generator, and a boiler to make a steam power generator to help charge my batteries. As I go through this process I will be documenting here on this blog. I don’t expect it to be a huge power generator but anything will help. Its also a good learning experience and I do enjoy building stuff.

Below is an article and some videos of what others have done and what I hope to accomplish.

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