Your Pistol Is Your Primary Weapon

I’ve heard it my whole life. Hell I’ve even said it a time or two when I was younger. “I use my pistol to fight my way to my rifle!” My rifle is my primary weapon and my pistol is my secondary….. WRONG!

If you live in this normal world that 99% of us live in you will have a pistol on you and NOT a rifle. You will not even have a rifle within 1/4 mile of you. This point makes your pistol your primary weapon whether you want it or not. That means you need to be better with your pistol than with your rifle….. not that easy.

We have been teaching firearms since 2010. We have seen a trend of active shooters using carbines. For the past 6 years we have been having students shoot out to at least 100 yds. We want them to know their limits. We tell our students that they may have to deal with active shooters using carbines at carbine distances.

The most recent shooting with Elisjsha Dicken in an Indiana mall is the most recent example. He engaged the shooter who was using an AR15 at 40 yards and hit him 8 out of 10 runs in 15 seconds.

This shooting single handedly changed the standards for EVERYONE! It upped the standards for civilians and LEO’S.

Getting 8 out of 10 hits at 40 yards in less than 15 seconds is fairly difficult but not impossible. I had to try it myself. I didn’t go from the draw. I also couldn’t find my shot timer so I just had to use the time on the video.

Get out and start extending your shooting ability with your pistol. See where your limits are. Next time it could be you that has to deal with a threat at extended distances. Will you be ready?….

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