August Update

I haven’t been writing alot lately but I am still out there doing some radio work whenever I get a chance. I’ve compiled some of the videos I had put up on Instagram. During the summer months I’m getting ready for winter. I have to cut enough wood to get me through, grow and put away as much food as possible, and trying to kill some protein. Needless to say I’m fairly busy. Thanks for the support and thanks for reading!!

One thought on “August Update

  1. That’s awesome. Doing the same here in Indiana except not nearly enough dedication to HAM. Done with sweet corn, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, squash, and almost done with green beans. Just getting started with tomatoes while the peaches and grapes are almost ready. Also have a ton of ash trees fallen in my woods. About 3 ricks spilt. Need another 10.
    Do what you can while getting the necessary accomplished. We’ll all be eager to read your next radio exploits!

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