Antelope Hunt

I filled my antelope tag yesterday. I also finally got to shoot something with the PSA PA-10 in 308. I’m really liking this rifle. It wasn’t a long shot. Probably 125 yards is all.

I had to rezero the rifle before I went out because I had it zeroed for PMC FMJ ammo. The picture below shows the 7 shots it took to rezero it. The last 3 were the ones I have circled. Thats a pretty impressive group for hunting ammo I would say. After I shot that group I called it good.

Now on to my elk tags!

2 thoughts on “Antelope Hunt

  1. nice antelope catch ! Indeed, that is a great group for hunting ammo.

    Love these modern AR10’s. Just something about shooting them, one of my favs.

    Both mine were very over gassed and driving BCG back so hard it was doing a little damage to inside front face of buffer tube. Initially tried heavier springs & buffers but didn’t solve it properly so had to run adjustable gas blocks to tone it down. Worked out great.

    Thanks for your postings. Always educational and enjoyable.

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    1. Mine doesn’t seem to over gassed but I probably haven’t put 100 rnds through it. Lol they are nice guns! This open country I live in I needed a bit more reach…. I was debating getting a 6.5 Creedmoor upper also but I haven’t yet.
      Hey thanks for reading and all the support!!


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