GUOHETEC TBR-119 Professional SDR

GUOHETEC TBR-119 Professional SDR 

I stumbled across this radio. If this radio ACTUALLY does everything they say it does this is a huge jump for Guerrilla Comms!!


TBR-119 professional version is designed with a transmitting frequency of 1.5MHz~520MHz.

TBR-119 is a multi-purpose vehicle/backpack tactical radio station with all the functions of traditional ones. It supports SSB, CW, AM, FM, DMR. The radio station is equipped with fully automatic antenna tuner and can use various tactical and static antennas. The protection capability reaches IP67 and military aviation plug is adopted. The system includes a backpack station, a vehicle-mounted dock and a base station dock. When working in a vehicle-mounted or base station mode, the output RF power is short-wave 20W or 100W (100W power amplifier is optional) PEP and UV 20W. It can also be used as a relay.

Based on the new generation SDR software radio technology platform, it can meet the needs of most users and provide digital upgrade options for military and security users: digital voice, digital encryption, frequency hopping and other high-end functions. Meanwhile, Bluetooth module, GPS positioning module, electronic compass module and barometer (altitude meter) module are built in. Optional satellite communication modules: iridium module, maritime satellite module.

Technical Characteristics:

1. Excellent receiving and transmitting performance: Large reception dynamic range and extremely high reception sensitivity can help distinguish weaker signals in strong noise. When the power supply is under the condition of 16.8 V, its HF transmission power reaches 20W or 100W (100W power amplifier module is selected) and UV10W, which can significantly enhance the uplink signal of the platform and berth. This means longer communication distance, better signal-to-noise ratio and communication quality.

2. Battery compartment: The battery pack is separated from the main machine, and the snap-in design makes it quick to replace the battery.

3. Signal Relay Function: The radio station can be used as a relay to realize signal relay forwarding.

4. The signal is clean and pleasant: The latest DSP denoising technology can better filter out noise, suppress interference, expand sound range and make analog voice cleaner and pleasing to the ear.

5. Remote control: The radio station provides a terminal interface, and the console can be installed locally.

6. Satellite synchronous frequency hopping: Frequency hopping is used to resist active jamming and eavesdropping. The frequency hopping function uses (GPS) synchronous mode, with a hopping speed of 1 to 5 hops optional, and can adapt to different antennas by changing the frequency hopping bandwidth.

7. Digital Voice and Digital Encryption: Optional digital voice, vocoder processing speed can be 700/1200/2400 bps, which can complete digital processing of audio signal under the condition of poor signal-to-noise ratio, with short delay, complete noise-free, and encryption based on digital signal.

8. Data transmission modem: A variety of built-in or external modem can be selected, and the data throughput exceeds 4800bps

Price $2040 US

4 thoughts on “GUOHETEC TBR-119 Professional SDR

  1. Reading down through the description, I was surprised by the price. For what it is and what it does I thought it would be twice as much. I don’t need another radio, but……….

    Good write up. Thanks again

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  2. Chinese maker.. No support. This aint a throwaway Baofeng at the listed price. And why would any American Patriot buy products built by the enemy if there are other radios available. Sure I get it, that everything we buy today has China made components embedded inside. Your GMC truck has Chinese parts, as does your GE refrigerator, so it must be ok . Bullshit. Buy an Japanese made rig or a US made radio if you have the bucks. Americans are funding their enslavement, and it begins with the traitors in Washington.


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