Stubby Antennas

Stubby antennas go against everything you see online. Most people have long antennas running high power. If you don’t care who picks up your signal that’s fine but if you are conscious of your signal emissions you might want to consider the stubby antenna and low power.

Smaller antennas degrade your signal making them not go as far which helps prevent others from picking up your transmission.

One thought on “Stubby Antennas

  1. I tried a stub for my Midland GMRS radio and learned that in general the short, “stubby” units are very special-purpose: like you said, short range, low power, low gain. The manufacturers bill them as short alternatives for vehicle roofs, etc., but they are not for cruising around looking for on-air stations that you can chat with. The one exception that I’ve found, and that I highly recommend, is the COMPAQtenna Scan III. At 9″ tall it’s not exactly a stubby, but the range of frequencies and the range of Rx/Tx is damn impressive. Until I changed cars I drove around with one on my Mini Cooper roof wired into a 5w Yaesu FT3D. The antenna turned a small HT into a reasonably effective mobile car radio for local use. Check out their site for the specs. It might be another tool for the antenna bag.


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