3 thoughts on “Q900 Transceiver

  1. The Q900 is the light version of the TBR-119 which is the military version, but a little higher cost. The Q900 is still available on alliexpress in the US but expect about a month to get it. Yes, Alliexpress does cover you not getting it, and I have had zero hassle from them. No, I don’t like them but its usually a decent deal for the weight.

    The HS2 ailunce is also a clone of the Q900 and is lesser known. Also if you like the form size the HS1Plus might be your option and it’s built like an updated KX2/3. 500 to 650 if I remember correctly.

    The uSDX+ Plus V2 also is available for 150ish dollars but isn’t as versatile as many some of the options. The price isn’t bad. It is open source so everyone makes kits and accessories for this thing, so be on the look out for the price to jump on this item.

    Last but not least is the FX-4CR which I find the most interesting. This guy had a handful he home builds and It rocks out at 20W. The thing fits in a cargo pocket and is engineered for digital operations, which if you are doing survival anything is a huge plus. You can find that by bg2fx dot com 550

    I am not promoting any of this specifically I have played with the TBR-119

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