Stealthy / Covert Antennas

Coming from N6CC

UPDATED 1/20/22 This section will deal with various means to covertly operate radio systems while going unobserved. Any number of situations may call for these measures but the antenna system must still work!

“You can’t have antennas here.”  Challenge Accepted!

Like many of us, I live in a neighborhood where now only satellite TV antennas are automatically authorized. (The power of group pressure). However as an individual homeowner I was able to get approval when I first moved here in 1979 since the original CC&R/HOA documents did not prohibit antennas. In any event, a brief presentation to the HOA Board resulted in approval. However I keep them very low profile to keep the neighbors happy anyway. No towers etc.

“There are no rules here.  We are trying to accomplish something.”  Thomas Edison.

Some ideas:

Covert Antennas

Cover, concealment, camouflage – or hidden in plain sight.

Read more here

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