2 thoughts on “The Anti-smartphone Revolution

  1. When I take the old iPhone with me, it’s normally in airplane mode inside a Faraday bag. A genuine hassle. Plus, when I take it out, BING! – it checks in the switched network. I’ve been planning to get a burner type dumb phone at one of the local sleazy phone stores over in Missouri, but I’ve yet to do it. The smart phone is essential for me due to the calendar and reminder features – I’d forget way too much without it now that I’ve fully transitioned to geezer status. [I’m 72]

    This business of having to scan a QR to get / do things is unacceptable. If people refuse to play, merchants will adapt. Boycott that nonsense.

    Now watch – the prices of simple “dumb” phones will triple!! It’s encouraging to see people waking up to the most effective mind control method ever.

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  2. Never have gotten one , I can see their use as a “tool” but never have been bitten by the Tech Bug , I’ve had an old Flip phone since day one and it still works as a phone . I am amazed at the “Screen Zombies ” staring blankly at their screen as they walk along with ZERO situational awareness. In todays world your head better be on a swivel and trust your instincts . JMO


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