The Wire: Bridging The Gap S2 Underground

I had surgery yesterday. It wasn’t bad and I’m doing well. I should be back to normal in a month or so. I had never had surgery so I was pretty nervous lol but I made it through and am back home putting out content. Hopefully during this downtime I can get the Anytone PDF finished for the Patreon members. Thanks for all the support everyone!

One thought on “The Wire: Bridging The Gap S2 Underground

  1. Sources: SHTF, initially everything gets small. OBTAINING pertinent info will become more LOCALIZED, likewise the info dissemination will be localized.


    Subregions report to ( multiple/ redundant) Regional info collection points.
    Nearby Regions then link to swap their info, and so on.

    ALLIED radio participants should begin going GREY, from general public.
    I can envision rewards (food….) being offered for info and thus extinction of government opposition communications sources. ( ultimate censorship ).

    The above are my ideas, but heck ! … what do I know !
    I am not with Ammron or any other established group, so maybe there is a Regional comm structure already in place.
    However be it known that my sphere of influence is at work in expanding our communications capabilities.
    Thanks for YOUR efforts.

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