Frozen Signals by Merlin Jacks

I just finished reading this book. It’s a short fictional story about a real world scenario of an ice storm knocking out all the power and communications in a region. Its packed full of useful information and how to. You will definitely learn something from this book.

I have talked to Merlin over IG and on the phone. I have also listened to him on a podcast. He is highly knowledgeable and a decent guy. I highly recommend his book.

Description from the book:

What happens when an ice storm blankets an area and disables all communications? How are police, fire, and EMS dispatched without radio systems? How do you call 911 when phone systems are down? This fictional story provides the reader with a story line of an amateur (ham) radio operator and a team of individuals volunteering to make a treacherous journey to the top of a mountain in an attempt to restore communications systems for police, fire, and EMS of a fictitious area in the Appalachian Mountain range.

This book also provides the reader with a look into how ham radio crosses over into the AUXCOMM world as Jack and his team partner with the County Emergency Management personnel to restore communication systems during a major ice storm by sending AUXCOMM personnel to the EOC and to the Mountain Top.

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