2 thoughts on “Field Computer S2 Underground

  1. Surface Go2 works well.
    Non-cellular model so you 1) don’t ping cell towers which happens even without the Sim Card; and 2) you get a SD card slot – card encrypted with Veracrypt.
    Tablet Dual-boot using rEFInd bootmanager.
    Linux partition LUKS encrypted.
    Windows partition (because the SDR scanning software is so much better) encrypted with Veracrypt.

    S2’s note about about things not working so well when trying to run too many things at once is usually not due to lack of processor capabilities but due to the USB bus. Doesn’t matter that it is USB3 – if you plug in a USB2 then the bus speed drops to USB2 levels. Multiple dongles into the same bus is recipe for failure – usually can only get desired results with a system that has multiple USB busses – like a desktop with multiple USB cards. Learned that from a retired autistic NASA RF engineer.

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