The Last Few Months.

So in December I realized something was wrong with me. I quit lifting and doing anything to physical. It took me till the middle of January to get into the Dr. I see my normal Dr and he says I probably have a hernia. Then he sent me to a local surgeon. The surgeon wanted to cut me open about 4 inches…. I did not jump on that. I decided to look around some and found some Dr in Salt Lake City that did Laparoscopic hernia repair. WAY less invasive surgery! He actually found 2 hernias. So it took till March 23rd to get that surgery. I then sat for 2 weeks here at the house during recovery. I still couldn’t do any real activities till the 8th week.. My dog who was 16 years old had to be put down the second week after my surgery. That was a hard hit to take. Luckily my son was here to help me take my dog to the vet.

We then got stuck at the house for 4 days from a god awful blizzard we had at the end of the winter season. I’ve had enough snow.

This isn’t a pity part by any means. I’m good now. I’m back to hitting the weights, I’m teaching classes, I am half way through planting my garden, and I’m doing ALOT of HF stuff. I am going to try to get more content out on here and for my Patreon members. I do feel my followers deserve an explanation of why I haven’t been posting on here much.

I have been doing alot of private classes. If you are interested in private classes let me know. I have a minimum of 10 people for private classes. $200 a day per person.

I appreciate all the support you guys/gals have given me! Things are getting worse daily and we have to be prepared….

2m to 80m spool antenna
Shit gets sorted out in the field.
Teaching patrolling May 2023
Teaching patrolling May 2023
Teaching patrolling May 2023
Tracer Tactical NOD head mount
Tracer Tactical NOD head mount
Ruger American Ranch in 7.62×39
TacComms class in Ks
(tr)uSDX testing
Getting out there after surgery
This is the shit I had to deal with during recovery.
The shit I had to deal with this winter.

I did get my hands on some new to me radios. Some Hytera and EF Johnson 5100s. I figured since I’m teaching comms classes I need to have experience with as many radios as possible. They are all single band radios. The EFJ are P25 radios and the Hytera are DMR. Both are heavy duty radios and would serve a team well. The fact neither are a duel band radio is a negative for me but I have been packing the EFJ with me quite a bit for its waterproof quality.

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  1. Losing a dog is always harder than our own physical hurdles. But I’ve always found comfort in knowing that I gave that dog more love and care than anyone else would have, and that they had the best life possible. Stay strong and stay healthy.

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