It’s Hard to Fight When You are Hungry

I always wonder why people in the prepper/survivalist community mainly focus on guns and gear. You don’t get as many subscribers or likes posting about food storage I’m guessing.

I believe after you have bought your first AR15/AK47, magazines, and ammo the next step is a food storage program for you and your family. Remember if you can’t protect it you don’t own it.

Last years food shortages should be enough to encourage even the biggest skeptic on why you need more than three days worth of food put away at the house. I believe the shortages are going to get worse. We have farm equipment shortages. We have this horrible drought in the west. We have a trucker shortage. We have worker shortages. This could end up extremely bad by this winter. Hopefully it doesn’t but we need to be ready if it turns south.

My idea of food storage is a four phase system.

Phase one is what we eat on a daily basis. It’s what we keep in our pantry, fridge, and freezer. It made me laugh last year when ALL the freeze dried food was sold out EVERYWHERE but there where still tons of canned goods, meats, and everything else on the shelves. Apparently as soon as things go south these people are going to jump right into their freeze dried foods. I on the other hand was going to be eating elk steak with canned potatoes and gravy. So phase one is full freezers, 6 months or more worth of canned goods, pasta, and so on. Just day to day food you eat normally but x10.

Next is phase two. That is your freeze dried and dehydrated foods. How much you get is up to you but I reccomend getting a huge variety of things. As your phase one depletes you can supplement with phase two food.

Next is phase 3. Long term food storage. This is the mere basics but they store as long as the freeze dried. Needless to say if you are digging into this things have gotten extremely bad.

Below is the list for 1 person for one year. Depending on the selection of grains and legumes you should be around 2600 calories a day. This is also the CHEAPEST way to do long term food storage. You will need a few other things to go with this list. A wheat grinder and a cooking with basics cookbook are the main two. You will need to store the beans and grains in sealed mylar bags with O2 absorbers in the bag with them.

  1. 8 lbs Salt (1/2 table, 1/2 pickling & canning
  2. 60 lbs nonfat dry milk
  3. 21 lbs of oil (2 gal liquid, 6 lbs shortening)
  4. 65 lbs sugar
  5. 375 lbs grains (wheat, rice, corn, ect)
  6. 60 lbs of legumes (beans, peas, lentils)
  7. 365 pills of multivitamin with minerals
  8. Leavening agents(3/4 lb yeast, 1 lb baking powder) and seasonings

You should be working on Phase four as I write. Phase four is providing your own. First off in phase four is gardening. Gardening takes many years to prefect and you should be working on that now. You need to know what you can and cannot grow in your area. You also need to start collecting the seeds from the HEIRLOOM plants you have planted. Remember once the store shelves are empty and there is no resupply you have only you to rely on for food. Along with gardening you need to know how to can the food from your garden. You will need canning equipment also. I suggest you learn to can now while things are good. Buy some vegetables and meat from the grocery store and practiced canning. Also in phase four is raising farm animals. If you only have chickens its better than nothing. You want to make sure you have at least one rooster with your hens so you can hatch eggs for meat or for more layers. Rabbits are another great option. One buck and two does will give you alot of meat through out the year.

Another part of phase 4 is hunting. I believe hunting is great for many reasons. Number one is you get meat free of any hormones, antibiotics, ect. Number two you get a chance to see what its like to kill a living creature. This is something not to be taken lightly. You need to know that you can put a living creature in you crosshairs and pull the trigger. You need to be able to flip the switch and kill when needed.

This empire is declining. Things will only get worse. It’s up to you to keep you and your family alive and well.

4 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Fight When You are Hungry

  1. Great Article. And these people who buy a survival can of seeds and dont plant them will be in shock. 1. most of those seeds may not be for their area. 2. like you said in the article it takes years to learn what works and what doesnt and there can be microclimates on your land that vary wildly. Knowing, learning, and working the land is how you learn what works and what doesnt and you dont want to be doing that in hard times.

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