Affordable Rifle Sling

Why are rifle slings so expensive??

I’m like every other gun guy. I bought the coolest rifle sling for my new rifle. It did everything I could imagine. It went from 2 point to 1 point. It went from a 1 point sling to a 3 point sling. I could use it as a harness to rappel off a building if needed. It then turned into a self-defense weapon to fight my way through Antifa. Oh the list of uses goes on and on. But all joking aside why are they so expensive??

I haven’t payed $50 for a piece of webbing for along time.

For the last 10 years I have just been buying webbing from Stapworks. They have a huge assortment of webbing. I use 1.5 inch webbing for my slings. I buy the military grade webbing. I also get the METAL sliders that fit the 1.5 webbing. You can get the sliders painted in an assortment of colors. I use metal sliders because I have had plastic sliders break and the rifle fall to the ground. I do not use plastic sliders anymore.

I only run 2 point slings on my rifles. Most of my time spent with my rifle is patrolling or hunting and a 2 point sling shines in this area.

The recent order I made cost me $12 for 2 six foot lengths of 1.5 in webbing and 2 metal sliders for the webbing. That was included shipping.

Mil Spec webbing and round sliders from

As you can see in the pictures above its nothing special but it didn’t cost $50. This has worked perfectly fine for me for over 10 years.

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