Lockpicking Simplified

The Lishi lockpicking tool is one of the scariest lockpicking tool I’ve ever seen. It is super fast and takes literally ZERO skills to open a lock. Someone who never picked a lock in their life can pick one of these up and as long as the got the one for the right lock you will have the lock open in less than one minute. This tool should make you look at your locks and upgrade to a more secure lock.

The main thing keeping everyone from having this kind of pick is the price and the fact you need a specific tool for specific locks. The price of that makes having more than one fairly cost prohibitive.

I’m not against this tool. I believe you should have one or two in your kit but it is something to be aware of.


4 thoughts on “Lockpicking Simplified

  1. Sort of agree, sort of don’t. You still need to understand proper tension, still need to know how to work the shear line, security pins will still do their thing and you will need to know what counter rotation feels like and so on. But in the hands of someone who knows the fundamentals, yeah, that thing looks incredible. You could also pick and decode at an optimal time, then make your own key for later use…
    Another thing for your lock kit: lock busters!https://www.sparrowslockpicks.com/product_p/sb.htm
    There’s all kinds of things that you would definitely never do with those!

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    1. Some of the comments on ITS Tactical page is what bothers me. ITS and the people commenting are stating that people with ZERO experience are able to pick locks with this. That is what I consider scary. Lol I’m still picking the old fashion way with a standard lock pick set. I actually was hoping they would have some sets that would pick American Locks. I haven’t been able to open them yet 😕


    1. No problem man, regarding the American locks, I have a couple and a buddy has one. All of them that I’ve handled follow a similar pattern. 2-3 of the pins are already at the shear line, so if you try to pick the wrong pin it’s over. So you have to know which pins to pick and which to avoid. Also, when you pick it the lock core will move a little bit and then stop. It’s more like a false set then a master lock swinging open. I keep a small flat head handy to twist the core once picked since it takes too much torque for a tension wrench. Once I figured that out I realized that I had picked my Americans multiple times but didn’t know it! They are very different animal!

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