I’m Not An Authority On Shit

I find it odd that people think that when you are trying to teach things that YOU think you are an authority on the subject.

I will never be an authority on anything I teach. I am always the student. Sometimes a teacher. Most the time I’m able to teach my students things they may not know. I never think I know EVERYTHING about what I’m teaching. Most the time the subject is too big to know everything about it.

I have some great readers of this blog that have actually taught me some things and I really appreciate it.

I have been teaching since 2010 and I still feel like an amateur. I do the best I can and hope I’m able to instill some knowledge into my students. I always push my students to instructors that I feel they could learn more from. I always tell my students to take classes from as many instructors as possible just as I did.

I’ve said it to multiple people and I’m saying it now. Instead of attacking me for what I may not know why don’t you teach us all what we don’t know. Don’t attack someone for trying to help people when you refuse to teach what you are attacking over.

The only people so far who have ran their mouth have been on Facebook but that is to be expected.

Let’s keep lifting this community. Let’s not keep bringing people down when they are just trying to help others out…

One thought on “I’m Not An Authority On Shit

  1. I get people giving me the “…you think you know everything” comment, sometimes, when all I’m doing is giving information (and sometimes a little humor, to lighten the ‘heavy’ aspect) to people, so that they can have better knowledge on a subject than they had before.
    No one person knows everything, so the ONLY ‘know-it-all’ is God.

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