I was doing some testing using an analog radio, a tablet with a BtechAPRS-K1 cable, and a yagi antenna against the Uniden BCD436HP connector to my Tram 1410 discone antenna at 15ft in elevation.

The Uniden BCD436HP close call feature picks up analog very quickly. Usually within a second or so. My goal was to use some of the tactical radio procedures I have posted before to see what it takes to keep from getting picked up. I figured since most groups use the Baofengs I would do the testing with them. There was only one problem. My scanner is in the house and I was outside. I had no way to know if it was picking up my signal or not without recording the scanner then coming back in and watching the video. That is WAY to slow for testing.

Here is where the second BTECH APRS-K1 Cable comes in. I plugged the 3.5 mm end into the Uniden speaker jack and the other end into the Baofeng UV-5R. I turned the VOX on on the Baofeng. I turned the Uniden on and selected the Close Call feature.

I have a second Baofeng on the same frequency that the Baofeng plugged into the Uniden is on. I key the free Baofeng until the Uniden Close Call feature picks that frequency up. Once it does i hit the AVOID button on the Uniden to keep it from picking up that frequency.

Now I just carry the free radio with me and if the Uniden picks up anything it will broadcast it over the Baofeng that is connected to it and to the Baofeng I have with me.

So to clear I had 3 radios in total. The one connected to the Uniden, the one in my back pocket on the same frequency as the one connected to the Uniden, and one on a separate frequency that I was running the tests with.

This worked quite well during my testing. I was able to easily adjust things on my end by having instant feedback.

This setup would work great for anyone with a high gain antenna setup wanting to monitor signals but not wanting to sit at the scanner all day. They could just carry the Baofeng while the scanner is still using the better antenna. I figured I would share this since it worked so well for me.

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