Guerrillas Don’t Do This!

“This Is What Ground Forces Look Like To An Electronic Warfare System And Why It’s A Big Deal

Modern units generate a large electromagnetic signature from their radios, sensors, and other systems that opponents can spot, track, and attack”

Look at the picture above and read the article. You must as a G keep your electronic signature as low as possible. Unless you are active duty and required to have all this equipment on you you do NOT need it. It’s that simple. There are lots of civilians out there that want to emulate everything the military does but why on earth would you want your location being broadcast while out doing G stuff? The answer is you don’t.

I’m all for having a GPS with me to verify where I’m at if I can’t find exactly on the map my location but it comes on long enough to get my grid square and then it goes off. I’m not walking around with it on.

Look at the picture below and the video.

Why the hell would a G be packing a cell phone with them?!?! No matter what they are still pinging your location. My personal opinion is the ATAK system has NO place in the field with the G. This kind of technology it causing the problems in the article above.

Do yourself a favor and get out in the field with minimal equipment and put in the work. Go old school. Patrol around in the dark. Realize the darkness is the G best friend. Things get sorted out in the field. Things you can never figure out on the couch or even in your backyard. The field is where people get to see what they are made of. I have multiple field classes to test you and your equipment. The pinnacle of these class is the Patriot Guerrilla class. 7 days of hard field experience you won’t get anywhere else. 16hr days/nights getting you ready to be the G you always wanted to be.

If you are a patriot and love this country you have to remember that YOU will the guerrilla so it’s time to start acting/training like it.

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