You Could Be The Most Highly Trained, Highly Equipped Guerrilla In History

I was thinking about this the other day. Right now in the United States if you had the desire and dedication you could easily be the most trained and best equipped militia/MAG/group/guerrilla force in history. Let’s look at why I believe this.

First off let’s look at everyone’s favorite thing, gear. I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t like gear. I will try to stick to the available and relevant gear for the Guerrilla.

Weapons come to mind as the first piece of gear. Right now in 2022 you can pretty much purchase almost any weapon system you want in semi-auto configuration. I’m not going to get into what system is best I’m just saying there is alot out there. You can buy all the magazines for said weapon system also. I know ammo was missing for a bit but it seems to be coming back. So you could buy as much ammo as you can afford.

Next is camouflage. You have the choice of multiple camouflage that will most likely match your AO. There are literally too many camo patterns to name. The choice is yours as long as they can get the material printed.

Tactical gear is another spot where there are more choices than you can keep up with. Almost any type of setup you could want is out there.

Night Vision is a GREAT addition to the G. Right now you can buy a set of L3HARRIS GPNVG GROUND PANORAMIC NIGHT VISION GOGGLE for $40k. Thats a high end set of NODS. If that’s too much there is nothing wrong with a set of PVS14 in white phosphorus.


How about thermal optics? You have about as many to choose from as you do night vision optics. I’m not going to go through all the options of thermal. I see some all the way to $8k.

The picture below is of the US Armys new hybrid IR/THERMAL night vision setup.

The picture below is the civilian version of the military setup. Its the ECOTI thermal clip on device that will clip over your PVS 14 or other devices. I’m just showing this so you get an idea of what YOU can purchase if you wanted some of the best.

Ok enough with gear. You probably get the idea.

Now it’s time for the most important part of all this, the training. Your training can never be taken away. Being highly trained is much more important that all the expensive gear. 10 highly trained guys with SKS will destroy 10 untrained guys with $2k AR’s.

Let’s start at the ground and work our way up. There is a MMA gym or martial art studio in almost every town. You have no reason to not your hand to hand skills razor sharp.

Medical training is available almost everywhere also. You definitely need as much of this as possible.

Next is pistol and carbine training. Thats about the same as H2H training. There are schools EVERYWHERE teaching these skills.

Land navigation classes are available all over the US.

Wilderness survival skills are a must for a G unit. You and your guys need to be able to survive multiple weeks in the field without resupply. There are wilderness survival classes in most areas of the US.

The training starts to narrow some from here. There are multiple schools across the US teaching small unit tactics classes. These are REQUIRED for a G force. You will want to take them with your team and if possible take multiple SUT classes from multiple instructors.

Next is a Tactical Comms class. There are only a few guys teaching that kind of stuff that I know of, me being one of them. These classes are also a must for a G force.

CQB classes are also a must. There are not many of them in the US that civilians can take but they are out there. Alot of people think civilians don’t need CQB class but I disagree. I live, work, and play in or around structures. I need to know how to fight in them as well. When I take CQB classes I’m not taking them with the mindset that I’m an Operator. I’m taking them with the mindset that that is the most likely environment I might possibly be in a self-defense scenario. As a G you cannot say you will NEVER need to enter a structure so you don’t need CQB…. Thats not realiality. And for the I will just burn the house down crowd I say what it there is someone or something in the house that is important to you?? How will burning the house down help you then? I would rather have the skills and not need them then to need them and not have them.

From there we have some more specific training we could use. Getting free fall certified comes to mind. Would you end up using it? I can’t really answer that but it wouldn’t be a bad addition to your skills.

Lockpicking and bypass classes would also be a great addition to the G skill sets.

Urban Evasion and Escape classes would ge another great addition to your training resume.

I’m sure there is some more training that would help a G but you get the point.

Remember to start networking with locals and building relationships with known like minded people now. You will need as many as possible in your network.

If you have the desire, the devotion, and the funds you could easily be the best trained and equipped G force in history.

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