Updated Class Schedule 2022

I had some people inquire about hosting me. If you are still interested we need to get those dates squared away now. My summer is pretty busy getting ready for the winter so if we don’t schedule something now you may not get it.

April 23rd Pistol 101

May 14th Carbine 101

May 28th TacComms

May 29th HF Operations

June 4th Immediate Action

Hosting Stuck Pig Medical PLC: June 17,18, & 19/WY $600

June Hosting Brushbeater: RTO / ADV RTO /Signals Intelligence: 20-26 JUN / $300 per two day class or $800 for all Three 

July 16th ECOMMS

August 13 through the 20th. Patriot Guerilla. This is the full Patriot Guerrilla class.

Email me at johny1time@protonmail.com to sign up.

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