A Rebuttal

I never in my life, not once, ever envisioned a speech by an American President against an eerie red background in the night (which can only be called SATANIC) wherein he called half the country a threat to democracy and where he said, “we will eradicate this cancer”, meaning those people. Never. I felt chills […]

A Rebuttal

4 thoughts on “A Rebuttal

  1. As a student of history I found this very similar to the speeches made by Hitler de-humanizing the Jews , Gypsies and others. Who ever is pulling the string on Pedo-Joe is Genuine Evil .

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    1. Give me a break. Can anyone in this country make a moral claim without appealing to the post-war new religion of anti-Nazism? Cringeworthy. The Nazis were fighting the same cultural rot that we are today, and before the Nazi era, they were also controlled by the same people as we are today. Consider that nearly everyone will criticize and demonize Nazis, yet criticizing their alleged victims is what will cause you to lose your job, social media, and get kicked out of college. Should tell you something about who’s really in charge…but that may be too high-minded for non-thinking people.


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