7 thoughts on “6 Top Crops To Grow To Prevent Starvation

  1. This is the first year since 1995 that I planted tomatoes. Despite my best efforts and all the worldly knowledge of YouTube, it’s been really disappointing. We’ve had a consistently hot summer, which might have been a factor. I like your ideas better.

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  2. Try using raised beds for tomatoes. This is the first year we tried using them and we’ve had a huge crop of healthy tomatoes. We also used the single stalk method with a lot of pruning.

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      1. Please be more specific? What kind of weather? If it’s too hot, the plant will jettison the flowers and fruit. If it’s too cold the plant never reaches the trigger temperature to reproduce. Does the Master Gardener in your area have a suggestion? (And aren’t tomatoes over-rated? It’s like some magic litmus test of success. I don’t even like them and still try.)

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  3. this has been a rough year getting cabbage /green beans and tomatoes to grow. its just been to hot and dry , seeds didnt germinate or dried up. even the bell peppers are way behind. we have enough, just not the amount we normally get

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