Linked Dipole

I should have posted this before the previous post.

I decided to try to make a linked dipole. I wanted to cut it for JS8CALL on all 4 bands. I had started with G10 Material for my insulators but I didn’t make them long enough so I ended up using plastic silverware handles for the insulators between where I separated the band.

My reasoning for making the linked dipole is to lighten my portable comms setup by only having one antenna for multiple bands. I probably could have done the same thing for my EFHW antenna with 80 length wire installed and then also cut for the other bands. I may try that another day.

Total length of this antenna is 130.79 ft cut for 80 meters 3.578 MHZ then cut at the footage shown below for the other bands. All cut for JS8CALL freqs.

20 meters 14.078 MHZ= 33.24 ft 1/2 wavelength

40 meters 7.078 MHZ = 66.12 ft 1/2 wavelength

60 meters 5.357 MHZ = 87.36 ft 1/2 wavelength

80 meters 3.578 MHZ = 130.79 1/2 wavelength

I ran the wire through the insulators then connected button connectors to connect or disconnect that band.

Bullet button connectors
Plastic silverware for insulators

As you probably seen in the previous post this antenna worked quite well. I made a STONG contact with the home station 65 miles away.

4 thoughts on “Linked Dipole

  1. Question from a newbie: did you use a total of 130 feet or 260 feet (130 ft each leg) to make this dipole?

    Also great idea about using the plastic handles. That was very resourceful and field expedient. I appreciate thinking outside the box!

    Greg R


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