Testing A Linked Dipole I Made

Yesterday I decided to go out fishing in the Sweetwater river in the Wind River mountains. I haven’t been fishing in the mountains for years and really needed a break.

Per usual I took my portable HF setup with the XIEGU X6100 so I could attempt a direct contact with the home station. I checked the SFI before I left and it was up so I thought I would have a good chance on 40 meters.

So the fishing wasn’t great. The river was crystal clear and low. I had a few bites but it was hard to get next to the river without scaring the fish. So in the end no luck there.

It was getting to be 16:00 and I wanted to try my comms. I cut a piece of wood for my center piece to hold my 1:1 balun. I wedged it in between my bed and bed cable. I strung up the antenna, turned on the computer and radio and sent out a HB. I got a STRONG reply from the house. The house was coming in +18 db from 65 miles away. I asked the house my SNR? It came back with +03 db using 10 watts.

Mission accomplished. I packed up and went home. Always working on that Guerrilla Comms concept.

4 thoughts on “Testing A Linked Dipole I Made

  1. Excellent field work!

    Obviously you can’t test it by yourself, but do you think you could have gotten an SSB contact through?

    I’ve decided to stop relying on JS8 because it requires GPS time sync and I’m not counting on that being available.

    Thanks – always enjoy your posts


    1. As strong as the signal was I think SSB could have been easily done. Yeah I don’t like the GPS fact of JS8CALL call either. You can sync it with last transmission though and bypass the GPS if you wanted to. I use it because I get instant feedback.
      Thanks for reading! I appreciate the support!!


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