SMA To BNC Connectors

I’m in the process of retrofitting all my SMA connectors to BNC connectors. As much swapping antennas as I do it only makes sense. I’ve already got all my scanners and all my Anytone AT-D878UV converted over to BNC. My main reasoning for this is I would rather damage the BNC and easily replace it than to damage the SMA connectors inside the radio and have to try to fix that. The secondary reason is that most my coax cable are BNC connectors. It just makes sense.

Down below are the links to the two separate connectors I have used. One is for SMA and one is for reverse SMA. I bought both since I have multiple radios that use both.

5 thoughts on “SMA To BNC Connectors

  1. I’ve been meaning to do that as well.

    Do you think that mounting and removing antennas repeatedly via BNC would still cause wear and tear on the SMA connector? I guess it would probably extend it’s lifespan by a whole lot regardless…

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      1. Probably, yeah, I do that sometimes. Sometimes I just wonder if it’d be worth the expense of buying a bunch of new antennas to go with it, since I upgraded antennas on each of my radios already.

        But yeah, in the long run, probably worth it. Need to move this up on the priority list.

        What do you like? Nagoya, or Signal Stick?

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  2. That’s quite excellent! I didn’t know that there were products that could accomplish this and look like it was OEM. I will be doing this with my UV5R radios.

    Thanks for sharing! Greg R

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