I got the XIEGU X6100 the end of last December so its been almost 10 months using it as my portable radio. I have used it in the field multiple times. I have made contact on the Noontime net multiple times on 40 meters from the field.

I have left this radio running at my house for a week straight 24/7 on JS8CALL multiple times.

I have used this radio on my quest to make DIRECT CONTACT back to the home station in the spirit of Guerrilla Comms. I have reported all this testing to you my readers and follower on Instagram.

I unlocked this radio ( with the help of a friend) so it is completely open and will broadcast on ALL frequencies including the AM broadcast band.

This radio has been a decent little radio and if all you wanted it for was for voice or CW I think you would be happy with it. The battery drain is low and its fairly compact.

I mainly want it for digital and thats where the problem comes in. Now before you ask if I have the current firmware update installed I will tell you I did. The newest firmware seemed to make the radio worse than the prior version. There are 2 videos down below that show the problem I’m having. The only way I can explain it is that the radio keys the mic but send NO digital signal while JS8CALL is sending. It doesn’t do it 100% of the time which is why I have accomplished as much field work as I have. When it starts doing that I have to tune the radio off and back on and scroll through the bands some and it stops. I have told Radioddity about it. I’ve sent them videos. They have responded but I have gotten no real help. I’m not sure if my radio is the only one that has had this problem or not.

The XIEGU X6100 journey is coming to and end. I ordered a NEW Chinese radio that I can be irritated with….. this one has a few different features than the X6100 and I’m excited to explore them. I’m going to keep what radio it is to myself till it gets here. It is NOT that manpack I posted a few days ago. Now I know I could have bought an ICOM 705 for what I have paid for these other radios but what fun is that?? Tons of people have reviews on the 705.

This way I can evaluate some of these more affordable radios and give my readers my honest opinion.



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