Full Team Comms Setup

Since having comms now is associated with right wing extremists I decided to go full steam ahead!!

I purchased the Anytone AT-D578UV for my base radio/man pack radio. This radio is basically the same as the HT program and menu wise so if you already have one of them you will be able to deal with this radio as well. This one will push 50 watts on VHF. It also does multiple repeater functions. It will cross-band repeat on analog and same frequency repeat on Digital.

All 4 radios will have the same encryption keys programed into them. They will all have the standard frequencies I normally program into my radios for everyday use.

I found a manpack setup for this radio seen in the picture below. I will be purchasing this as well. I will have this setup in a large molle pouch along with a 10ah LIFEPO4 battery. This set-up will be for base operations and the HT for the teams out in the field.


Things are getting worse in our society and the time for getting everything squared away are running short. Get your comms plan sorted out now before its too late to.


9 thoughts on “Full Team Comms Setup

  1. those AT 878 radios look like serious business compared to my piddly starter radio of a UV5R.

    that price tag though…:-/ For UHF and VHF, is it worth it?

    any important accessories you recommend for them like different antenna to attach, etc.?

    Don’t have a HF radio yet so I’m going to have to strongly consider this one and the manpack.

    Good post. I need more “keep it simple” guides and suggestions like this, being a ‘normal guy’ with a family that spends most my time working a cubicle job in corporate America but spending what little free time and spare $ I have trying to sort things out and get squared away..

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    1. What makes the AT-D878UV worth it is the fact the radio is a DMR/analog radio that is AES 256 encryption on digital that YOU put in the 64 character encryption key in. Also they do text messaging. They take the same antenna and mic as the UV-5R.


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