Anytone AT-D578UV Single Frequency DMR Repeater Function

Yesterday I posted on here about turning the AT-D578UV into a single frequency repeater. I also wrote I couldn’t get the 878s to just monitor one time slot which is required for this to work. For some reason they monitor BOTH time slots normally. I didn’t know what setting I needed to get them to do this. I published that post and within an hour I figured it out on my own so I deleted that post.

This post is to show you the settings you need to select to get this to work for you as well.

First off you need three radios.

Second off all three radios need to be on the same frequency and all are on digital. They also need to be on some group Talk Group. They can’t have a private call selected.

Next one of the 878 needs to have Time Slot 1 selected and the second one needs to have Time Slot 2 selected.

Goto settings and select it
Then to Chan Set and select it
Next scroll down to DMR MODE and select it
In DMR MODE select DCDM TS split
Also from Chan Set scroll down to Time Slot
Select the correct Time Slot for that radio.

On the AT-D578UV you need to have your radio setup where there is dual frequencies showing. A & B should both have the same frequency punched in and both on digital. Line A should be Time Slot 1 and line B should be Time Slot 2 or vice versa. Just as long as they are not on the same time slot.

VFO A with Time Slot 1 selected and VFO B with Time Slot 2 selected. VFO is in repeater mode and still works
Goto settings then goto Radio Set
Next scroll down to Other Func and select it
Now scroll down to Repeater and select it.
Goto ON and select it.

Hopefully this helps setting up the AT-D578UV as a digital repeater

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