Drone Payload Dropping Device


After seeing all the videos from the Ukraine war using drones to drop explosives I wanted to see how hard it really is to aim this setup. I already had the drone and needed the payload dropping mechanism. I found one on Amazon so I ordered it. This device is radio controlled so you have to make sure you turn it on before flight.

I am running an EXO RANGER PLUS drone here. With a cheap Amazon dropping device.

Below is my simple projectile. About 8 inches of 3/4 PVC pipe with 1 end cap on it. I cut 4 fins out of some extra Kydex I had and super glued them to the end. I then heated a nail to red hot and shoved it through the open end so I had a way to tie the projectile to the payload delivery device.

Fin fell off after last drop

The drone took off easily from sitting on the ground with the projectile connected to it. The drone flew flew fairly easily with the payload. As for the aiming using the camera, that was a failure. My camera doesn’t seem to want to look directly down which made it impossible to see what it was hovering over. Also the payload really effects the battery life. I don’t think with this particular drone I could fly out 500 yards, drop the payload, and then return home. I would probably need a larger drone for that. As for using the dropping device to string up an HF antenna in the trees this particular setup would work great!

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