Stocking up on Alternative Currency

I came across the article below today. Not sure how I feel about it. It seems like they are trying to accelerate the CBDC roll out.

Fed Announces Launch Of ‘FedNow’ Real-Time Payment System, Sparking Debate

Here is my uneducated thoughts on CBDC. If you don’t already have a stockpile of alternative currency once its forced on you you may be SOL. I can see them restricting the purchases of gold, silver, Goldbacks. You then will have to come up with some other currency to barter with. Also the fact that they can restrict your buying power if you have a bad social credit score mean we will need another form of currency put away.

I’ve always been more about putting food, firearms, and ammo away over silver and gold in case of a collapse but now I’m thinking what if there is no collapse before CBDC is forced on all of us. With that thought I’m slowly building my stockpile of alternative currency.

I don’t know if they will end up forcing CBDC on us but if they do I want to be prepared to deal with it and still be able to make private purchases without being tracked.

As I said before I will take silver, gold, or Goldbacks as payment for classes.

2 thoughts on “Stocking up on Alternative Currency

  1. I Think You’re wise for Diversification into Precious Metals, GOLDBACKS are a Brilliant way to out maneuver CBDC’s
    ” forced compliance Plans ” I would recommend everyone Gert exposure to Precious Metals For the simple fact that Silver and Gold Have the Broadest base of Buyer Globally. I heard China has officially Synced public bank accounts To Be Backed fully With physical GOLD.This is a major Historical Pivot for All Americans and the Petro-Dollars World Reserve status, The Dollar is already dead it’s just the public hasn’t realized how serious This is YET…..

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