Targeting A Facilities Radio Communications

I wanted to do some real life targeting of a facility. I wanted to try to get their comms frequencies. I setup 4 miles away up on a ridge. There was NO way anyone would notice me. This was a perfect spot.

My gear list is:

Yagi antenna

TinySA Ultra


Whistler TRX-1, an Uniden BCD436HP would work. You at least need 1 receiver. Scanners that can decode digital are the best choice in my opinion. You don’t necessarily need the radio & scanner. An SDR that is setup to decode digital signals would work as well.

Coax cable


Optional: Anytone AT-D878UV or Btech 6×2 would work

The reason for having a digital scanner is because most plants are running DMR now. You can still dial in the frequency you caught on an analog radio and listen to the digital noise over analog but if you want to know what they are saying you need a digital scanner or SDR setup to decode digital.

This is really a game about patience. It may take you a few hrs to get all their frequencies. I was there for about an hr and got 2 and a Ham repeater that I didn’t know was in our area and ISN’T on repeater book.

Once you narrow down where you think their frequency range is you can put that range in your scanner and just scan that block of frequency range. In this case it was 450 to 460 MHZ. By doing this I was able to get multiple frequencies from the plant

One of the additional frequencies I caught on my exercise.

Get out and try this exercise and let me know how it goes!

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